Our Crew


Chris Madsen

Chris Madsen is our organizer and finisher! She tries to keep us on track, works at making efficient use of space and is constantly recycling materials for packing. This is very helpful since Layl and Josh are like small tornadoes, leaving whirlwinds of materials after creative bouts. Chris does lots of behind-the-scenes activities to keep Clay Squared in good form.

Chris is also an artist!  She sells her art cards at the shop and belongs to the WARM (Women's Art Resources of MN) and the PCGMN (Polymer Clay Guild of MN), two fabulous groups full of inspiration as well as a creative community.


Louise Harty

Louise is the design and tech side of the company. When she's not packing or answering phones she is creating awesome logos like the one for our new building or advertisements to go in the local paper. She hasn't been on-board long but is an integral part of the team doing everything from sorting tile to teaching Polymer Clay Classes. She goes to school as well and is studying Graphic Design with a concentration in Animation. Look forward to more cool art from her very soon.


Fiona Johnston

Fiona's preferred title at the studio is "Intergalactic Enforcer." They keep us all in check keeping up with OSHA regulations as well as processing orders and shipping them out. They are currently a student at the University of Minnesota for American Studies. They love to bake, and bring in test samples of their newest creations.  One of their major skills is Foosball. The next time you are in and want to challenge them to a game, they would be happy to show you their pro skills. (hint: they can blast a shot so hard it will knock your socks off!). You have been warned.